SEO is evolving; Google updates are constantly penalising sites that are seen as not providing real value – sites with massive back links without real content.

There are many aspects to SEO, with a wide range of components required to building a stronger online presence that allows potential visitors to more easily find your website. The primary focus of SEO is to improve page ranking so your website appears early in search results when users type in certain words, terms, or phrases into a search engine (like Google). Achieving this goal requires several separate, but related activities that we call the SEO Optimisation.

Moving forward, it is imperative that brands create value/content that can be search engine optimised. Link building as we know now will soon pass. Real and engaging content will be shared and linked. Brands need to engage consumers, encourage them to share and spread the word. The time of technical SEO has passed and weight of your digital brand is the future of SEO.

At Digital Unicorn we lay the foundations of digital brand management and search engine optimisation through a thorough research and analysis of your business. Sustainable SEO is about long term growth, creating a strong foundation on which SEO efforts can go from strength to strength.

Industry leadership: Share expert knowledge and be perceived as the industry leader

Caring for the customer: Drive likes, favourable testimonials and word of mouth

Engagement: Drive word of mouth both offline and online through updated content and social media

Educating the consumer: Help consumers make informed decisions, people do not buy what they do not know they need. Create your market and provide the solutions.

By engaging in a collaborative relationship Digital Unicorn are able to create sustainable SEO solutions for our clients which will strengthen brand equity and drive sustainable growth.

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