The mystical realm of the digital world can be a challenge to conquer.

At Digital Unicorn we focus on creating an integrated communication model for your target segment across a wide range of digital marketing services.

For each client we collaborate with, we develop a strategic brand management proposal designed to increase brand equity and drive growth in the online space. Each client will be presented a uniquely designed digital marketing package aligned to their business and goals.  – We aim to be your digital partner, not just another digital marketing service provider.

A company’s brand is one of its major enduring assets, and if marketed right it is more valuable than any tangible asset the company may have. In today’s marketplace the digital space is a crucial playing field, and it is evolving every day. It is vital to collaborate with the right digital marketing partner to ensure that your brand is promoted successfully online, in line with your brand guidelines and growth plan.

When engaging in the online space it is important to have a planned approach ensuring that you are developing and maintaining a strategic fit between the company’s goals and capabilities and the evolving marketing opportunities. By engaging in a collaborative partnership with our clients, Digital Unicorn ensures a strategic SEM solution utilising the right applications to implement a winning strategy.

The competitive landscape online is continuously increasing and it is crucial for companies to set themselves apart with a sustainable, competitive advantage. Focusing only on the technical side of search engine optimisation however, has become obsolete and by promoting your brand with real content and engaging with consumers is the right pathway for creating a sustainable SEO solution.

To create a successful online strategy it is crucial to attract customers with the right intent. Utilising “Pay Per Click” (PPC) as part of your search engine marketing is a very effective method to acquire these customers. Digital Unicorn offers a comprehensive PPC management service fuelled by knowledge and experience.

Having a user friendly, responsive website with optimised content is crucial in todays’ browsing environment. With a well developed website a company can expand its reach and capture consumers’ attention. Digital Unicorn will in collaboration with our clients develop websites that are suited to your needs and deliver a fresh new web design.

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