The complexity of the digital space is evolving every day, and to collaborate with the right digital marketing partner is fundamental to gaining a competitive advantage. Understanding and connecting with your target market online is crucial to developing a successful online marketing strategy that is aligned with your brand and growth plan.

By engaging in thorough research and analysis of your target markets online footprints, we are able to create aligned, targeted and multichannel marketing campaigns empowering strong brand positioning and ensuring sustainable online growth for our partners. This enables you as a business to offer the right product or service to the right consumer base, utilising the appropriate online applications.

When utilising many different marketing channels in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, the alignment of your brand can easily become comprimed. A consistant brand strategy, which is developed based on research coupled with your brand objectives is what Digital Unicorn can offer. With Digital Unicorn’s Digital Brand Management skills, we are able to develop a strategy that will set your company apart from your competition!

Each of our digital brand management strategies are tailored to the individual client and their needs, and usually include:


To create a successful online strategy it is crucial to attract customers with the right intent.

Utilising “Pay Per Click” (PPC) as part of your search engine marketing is a very effective method to acquire these customers, and also a valuable research tool for future strategies.

A successful search marketing campaign requires a solid understanding of the industry the client operates in, systematic attention to detail, continuous evaluation and optimisation based on new data.

As one of the core marketing services we offer at Digital Unicorn, our team offers a comprehensive PPC management service fuelled by knowledge and experience, giving your business the right strategy to succeed in the online space.

SEM is all about making your website rank at the top on a search engine result page, increasing your online presence and visibility and generating conversions.

At Digital Unicorn we aim to achieve strategic SEM solutions through a collaborative partnership with our clients. By working closely together we are able to align the different campaigns and applications to your business, ensuring that we are marketing the right products and services to the right target market.

SEO is far more than just increasing website traffic. The goal is to ensure that your business stands out from your competition and acquire more organic visitors with a high conversion rate. Moving forward, it is imperative that brands create value/content that can be search engine optimised.

At Digital Unicorn we will provide you with a tailored solution which includes content development and optimisation, web design and usability, tracking and location targeting.

We aim to work with you in a collaborative partnership to ensure that your brand value and objectives are translated through your digital strategy.

In the digital space it is all about utilising you efforts in the right place to reach the right target market.

The competitive landscape of search engine marketing is rapidly evolving, and if your target market is located in a specific geographic area it is fundamental that your online marketing efforts are optimised towards localised targeting.

Through social media, website content and precise SEO services Digital Unicorn ensures that your online search results are localised as well as contributing to generating positive brand equity in your local community and in the targeted online space.

The integration of social media into our everyday lives is evolving on a daily basis and has created new world of opportunity for business not only to connect with their customers, but also to understand and segment the target market better.

At Digital Unicorn we focus on creating an integrated social media and SEO strategy that will revolutionise you online presence.

Digital Unicorns’ experience in planning, establishing and executing social media campaigns gives us to opportunity to leverage of insights grained from social media to adapt and optimise your strategy and drive a higher return on investment from you social audience as well as capturing a larger market share.

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