Who We Are

While we may not be perfect, we have set a few values that we believe are essential to follow every day in order to achieve our goals as a company.

Digital Unicorn is a strategic digital marketing agency, with a core focus on collaborative development and growth. Like the folklore about the Unicorn, we want to create legendary solutions for our partners. We intend to take our partners to the outer realms of their abilities and explore the magic of the digital world. We aim to achieve this by working together in a unique relationship, creating a winning digital strategy across a wide range of applications to ensure sustainable business growth.


We create long lasting relationships with our partners.

Our goal is unfailingly create sustainable online solutions that are executed with excellence.

We use our professional skills, experience and unicorn magic to enhance your reach in the digital market place.

Specializing in small to medium businesses, we strive to significantly improve the position of your business in your respective industry, without losing the values the company is built upon.


We believe that you create the benefits in this world.

Our vision is to be a well-known and highly credited digital marketing firm, known for unrivalled tailored solutions and excellent execution.

Our ambition is to take over the world one company at a time and to be the marketing entrepreneurs of the century.

We want to work hard with you to form a partnership that is worth mentioning in conversations, not just in transactions.


Integrity. While some people seem to struggle with it, it is not exactly rocket science to be a genuinely nice person with a strong moral compass. We know this, because it is natural for us to work with this in mind. To ensure we never stray to far from the path we keep the Law of Cardamom (Norwegian: Kardemommeloven) in mind;

One shall not bother others,
one shall be nice and kind,
otherwise one may do as one pleases.

Strive for excellence, not perfection. Sure, perfection sounds good, but if you find yourself in a hole, you have to stop digging. We believe that if you are constantly aiming to achieve excellence, you have a better chance of a perfect outcome than if you are constantly trying to achieve perfection.

Always aim to be the best version of yourself… Unless you can be a unicorn, then you should be a unicorn because they are awesome. However, if that is not an option, then, honestly, be the best person you can be.

There is no point wasting energy trying to be someone you are not, rather use you energy to be the best of your ability. Life is too short to not put in 100%, so we constantly aim to achieve that.

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Meet The Team

Digital Viking

Siri Sande

She is the Digital Viking, leading her Army into battle against poor digital marketing solutions. Together they are superior in creating legendary solutions for their clients.

The core beliefs of Digital Unicorn stems from Siri herself, as a true Scandinavian she believes in strong integrity, working hard, and always being yourself (unless you can be a unicorn).

Since arriving in Australia, she has been creating magic within the field of digital marketing. One day she felt inspired to follow her lifelong dream – start her very own digital marketing business.

Marketing Jedi

Christina Niemi

She is the marketing jedi - a warrior in the digital age. By implementing sound marketing strategies for all of digital unicorn’s clients, she strenghtens the force, bit by bit.

Christina has an extensive knowledge in marketing, both in traditional and digital channels.

Like a true Jedi, she believes in constantly seeking to improve herself through knowledge and training. By developing and implementing a focused marketing approach, she creates a digital marketing impact.

Web Ninja

Robert Price

He is the web ninja - He darts through both the front-end and the back-end of websites creating awesome designs and solutions for all of our clients.

Since coming onboard as a Web Designer and Developer, Robert has been able to find and squish bugs, improve all online endeavours through coding, Photoshopping, and general magic!

He comes from a background in Multimedia and has so many tools, or should we say weapons, in his arsenal that not even the sky’s the limit!


Misha The Office Talisman

As the office Talisman, she provides Digital Unicorn with the luck and protection we need to rule the world.

Misha’s main task is to be a sipper of tea and the spreader of joy.

This fury friend brings a whole lot of oomph in to Digital Unicorn’s office environment. From lying on the keyboards to scratching on the wall, she is steering this ship in the right direction.

Think we make a good match? We’d love to hear from you!